James Malcolm Dobie and Margaret Robinson
James Malcome Dobie and Margaret Robinson


James Malcom Dobie was born at Kensington South Australia on 19 January 1862. He married Margaret Robinson on 12 November 1894 in Warragul, Victoria, Australia. They had one child, Dorothy Dobie.

Betty Hansen, a family member who has done extensive research on the Dobie family, reports that James Malcolm was listed at Scarsdale as the hotelier after his father died in 1882. James Malcolm's father in law owned the Robinson Cordial Company and he went to work for him for a time.

I had erroneously reported on this site that James Malcolm Dobie was married to Mary Elizabeth Faulkiner. After seeing copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, kindly provided by Betty Hansen, I am satisfied that James Malcom Dobie and the James Dobie that married Mary Elizabeth Faulkiner are two different people. I would be very pleased to hear from any members of the Dobie family with any information to the contrary.

James Dobie and Mary Elizabeth Faulkiner had nine children - giving rise to the Hamilton branch of the Dobie Family in Victoria. For information about the descendants of James Dobie and Mary Elizabeth Faulkiner and their descendants, please select here.


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