Matthew Crone Dobie and Sarah Anne Evans
Mathew Crone Dobie and Sarah Anne Evans
Matt Crone Dobie and Sarah Anne Evans


Matthew Crone Dobie was my great grandfather. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia on 21 Jun 1853. His parents, Thomas and Agnes Dobie emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia from dumfriesshire in Scotland. At some stage Matthew's parent moved to Scarsdale in Victoria - where they managed or owned the Scarsdale Hotel - which is probably where Matthew learnt his bar-keeping skills.

Matthew married Sarah Anne Evans at Everard, South Australia in __ ___ 1880. At the time of his marriage, Matthew would have been twenty seven years of age. His wife, Sarah Anne Evans, born on 12 Jun 1863 and ten years Matthew's junior, was just seventeen years of age. They had eleven children.

Matthew was 63 years old when he died in a fire outside of Peterborough (Petersburg) on 29 April 1916. It was my understanding that Matthew Dobie either owned, managed or worked in a hotel in Peterbrough at the time of his death. This appears to be at odds with the recorded facts.

Please click here to view an extract from Page 2 of the "Petersburg Times and Northern Advertiser" dated Friday May 5th 1916

Please click here to view the District Council of Peterborough Cemetery Record for Matthew Crone Dobie.

One could speculate endlessly about how and why Matthew died. The fact that Matthew died on Saturday 29 April suggests to me that he may have fallen asleep whilst smoking in bed - perhaps after a quiet Saturday night ale at his local in Peterborough.

Matthew appears to have ben living apart from his wife, Sarah Anne Evans, at the time of his death. Sarah Anne was residing in Blyth, South Australia - where a number of the other Dobie family were. Matthew Crone Dobie was buried on 2 May 1916 in the cemetery at Peterborough, South Australia.


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